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Sweetie is a magical realism short film about unlikely warriors who protect children’s innocence as they are forced to grow up. The film follows MISTY, a tooth fairy who picks up an extra shift on Christmas Eve and, KAREN, a 10 year old black girl who still believes in Santa Claus. On Christmas Eve, Misty goes to collect Karen’s baby tooth and, finds Karen awake and horrified after getting her first period. Too scared to tell her mother and determined to stay quiet so Santa doesn’t know she’s awake, Karen pleads for Misty to help her. Misty obliges, even though this will delay her other appointments. Misty teaches Karen how to use a menstrual pad and takes her downstairs to wash the blood out of her pajamas. During their unexpected night together, Misty will find herself a protector of Karen’s innocence by shielding her from the fact that her mother, AMANDA, is Santa Claus.

Filmmaker and multimedia artist. Jersey Girl. Currently in post production for short film #3 and pre production for short film #4. more...

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