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Student Loans- Feature

CONNOR and RACHEL are newly married and settling into adult life quite nicely. After Connor finally gets a raise at his formerly low-paying advertising agency, life as they once knew it, is over. Their student loans, which had been seemingly non-existent when they were single and poor, suddenly have grown to an enormous amount and the payments on them have skyrocketed due to their higher income. Living in the throes of their giant debt, they try and find any way possible to make extra money. When Rachel discovers she is pregnant, their panic grows exponentially, leaving Connor to take up stripping, geriatric massage, and several other ridiculous money-making tactics. Will they make it out alive? Well, they have to. At least for the babies sake! That's right- twins!

New York/Connecticut based Portfolio: 10 features, 2 TV Series. In 2016 my feature Student Loans was optioned with 5 producers and Director Tom Brady. Since then I have earned two options (2019). I currently have two feature scripts in development. more...

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