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A film about Soft Boy Records, a Dublin rap collective flipping hip-hop's braggadocio on its head within Ireland's growing underground music scene.

The Webby award-winning documentary follows the group working out of bedrooms studios, with their music tackling the political climate in Ireland and the pressure on Irish men to live up to traditional ideas of masculinity. Soft Boy Forever explores the mentality that has brought them together: not to harden up against the issues they face in a modern Ireland, but to ‘stay soft.’ They are the future of Irish music and the voice of a new generation.

London, UK
I am an Irish filmmaker based in London. My previous work has won a Webby Award and made the official selection of both BAFTA and Oscar® qualifying festivals. I'm currently working as a director/editor for clients such as Warner Music, Capitol Records, Universal Music, Fox, Netflix, Channel 4, Boiler Room, BBC Three, The National Lottery, and the BFI. I currently specialise in directing short documentary and music videos, but aspire to eventually shoot my first feature film. more...

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