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Shades of Red is a Virtual Reality film that uses dance and real survivor testimonials to tell stories about women’s rights. The dancers move through different Shades of Red: fabric, water, powder, light and rose pedals to talk about sexual assault, equal pay, LGBTQ rights and disabilities.

The first chapter about sexual assault features a soloist from the NYC Ballet and voiceover by Alysia Reiner, directed by Jenn Duong.

Hidden Tears Project is a social impact film company that uses media to inspire and affect change.

Strange Reality a Virtual Reality incubation project produced by Uffect Corp. The Strange Team focuses on building immersive experiences and developing sensor-based hardware to interact in virtual environments.

We cannot send the actual VR piece because it needs to be viewed in a headset, but if there's a way we can get that to you, please let us know.

We recently screened this demo at an ACLU / Times Up Event for #MeToo. Nina Shaw, co-founder of Times Up is a supporter of the project as well and we're hoping to keep the conversation going so Times Up can use this for their cause.

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