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Luke Bar$, a local hip hop artist in Boston is on the verge of finishing his debut album. It isn’t until an auditory hallucination turns his paranoia into reality and violence rewrites the direction of his life. In this fictional surreal drama, find out how Luke’s choices impact the future of his career.

Boston, MA, USA
Daymian Mejia is a Dominican-American cinematographer, colorist, and director who produces an emotional image that brings a new breath to every frame captured. Daymian depicts not only what is in front of the lens but what should be felt by the viewer, cultivating a distinct sense of mood through his love of music videos. Due to his work as a colorist, his style subtly introduces the right color at the right moment using RGB lighting, which not only expands what the camera can detect but also what the audience may feel. In love with the texture, Daymian uses his knowledge of fashion, camera technology, post-production, and music videos to create a new visual language. more...

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