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The story of Sanchez, a man desperate to express himself through humor but without much success. Despite his monotonous routine as an undertaker and his inability to make his colleagues laugh, Sanchez has found something to fulfill his passion on his free time. As soon as it gets dark, he organizes the most macabre Comedy Club there is... Through this gloomy and offbeat narrative, I wanted to address the difficulty of being an artist, of asserting oneself as such but also to explore the taboo that surrounds death, dark humor and the marginalization of some individuals due to their job.

I'm a self-taught filmmaker who begun learning about the art of filmmaking since a very young age. I worked in several branches of the film industry (international sales at STUDIOCANAL, public institutions like the CNC and Europa Cinemas etc.) but at the same time I've always kept cultivating personal and intimate cinematic projects. more...

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