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"Sabotage" is about 2 American Spies that have to take down a "friend" to avoid loosing years worth of undercover work. 2 day shoot. Written & Directed By Colby Cordova.

American Fork, UT 84003, USA
Aspiring Actor, Musician, Director, Writer and Artist. I dream of making art across many mediums and work with amazing talented people in a great industry and lifestyle. Born and Raised in American Fork Ut, after high school I found what I love most, creating art. I have a big appetite for knowledge and learning from the wise peers before me. So many talented people and amazing work. I hope to one day be amongst artist of this industry and work together to create unique art. Moving to LA to pursue Film, Music, Acting in hope to grow and find the tools to achieve mastery in these art forms. I love life and hope to lift people up to show the beauties of life itself and contribute to the captivating world of imagination. more...

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