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Abhay meets Priyanka during a chance encounter in New York City. They hit it off, until Abhay learns that Priyanka is a Pakistani, a fact that is problematic for his work at the United Nations and the Government of India. But when he decides to pursue their relationship anyway, a deeper threat lies in store for him.

I wrote and directed this as a proof of concept for a web series I'm developing. Doing this exercise was a tremendous learning benefit as it gave me a ton of input for where I want to take the web series. Thank you for watching!

Nikhil Kamkolkar
New York, NY, USA
Writer-Director. Graduate of the UCLA Professional Program in Screenwriting for both Film and TV. First feature film "Indian Cowboy" available on Amazon Prime. Currently, writing and making several short projects with the intent of finding collaborators to work with on my second feature film.

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