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LOGLINE: An out-of-work stunt driver and his ex-con nephew unknowingly steal a bait car to carry out a heist meant to pay off a massive debt owed to the parolee's former cellmate.

I was aiming to do something a bit different with the contained thriller subgenre, namely challenge the restrictive nature of the concept to imbue an ever-changing landscape and a lot of action outside of the minimalist setting. It no doubt pushes the boundaries of the contained thriller as an ultra-low budget idea.

Curious to hear all thoughts on the relationship of the characters, especially Elgin and Kareem. Also, would like any impressions on the commitment to keeping the narrative inside the car. Does this feel too gimmicky or like a natural piece to the story?

This is not a first draft, but still not a finished polish quite yet. I wanted to get some feedback before delving back in for another re-write/edit.

Feel free to tear it apart if necessary. Otherwise, I hope you enjoy the read!

Walon Costello
Los Angeles, CA, USA
L.A.-based screenwriter. More than up to collaborate or give feedback on projects - please don’t hesitate to reach out!

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