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Hurt Me is one of the spec scripts I have written for the anthology series The Twilight Zone. In it, a homeless Benny Billard survives a suicide attempt, only to develop the power of invulnerability. Choosing to use his newfound power to gain fame, wealth, and love. But what does everything mean to a man who feels nothing?
Professionally, I have only interned for feature films (such as a currently unreleased A24 film),. But unprofessionally, I have been making short films and writing for years. Nothing has been produced as of yet, though. I have not been picked up a manager or agent either. I try my hardest to self-produce, but funds are always limited.
I have an AA degree and a degree in Video Production. For a day job, I work as a waiter at a movie theater. Currently, I am working my hardest to create as many meaningful screenplays as possible, so that I have more to offer to prospective managers/agents in the future. Getting produced is goal #2, behind only writing the very best - most entertaining - stories I possibly can.
I believe that the right story can change the world.

St. Petersburg, FL, USA
I am a freshman filmmaker and screenwriter. My stories focus heavily on genre-bending, satire, and high-contrast imagery. Whether it be family-adventures, mystery-thrillers, or romantic-dramas; zany comedy will always be my bread and butter. more...

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