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My father was born to twelve brothers and sisters, who all grew up in the heart of Beirut. From his siblings, one is distinguished: Adam.
All I knew, growing up about Adam is that, first, “Adam” is not his real name. Second, he’s a successful belly dancer based in LA, and third he's happily married to his husband. The only souvenir I have from my uncle is him belly dancing on our old balcony when I was around six or seven years old.
Without being aware of it, I’ve been asking myself my whole life who Adam is.

Beirut, Lebanon
Hi! My name's Leila, I am a Lebanese filmmaker, currently based in Prague for my Masters in Famu. My works vary from Fiction to Documentary, sometimes trying to merge both. Through my works, I try to explore the themes of identity, self-exploration, and coming-of-age; the main reasons I keep jumping from an existential crisis to another. I like to take photographs, to write, and I try not to eat a lot of carbs. more...

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