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Living under government-regulated safety measures for social distancing and stay-at-home orders makes Mia crave a romantic connection now more than ever before. In the safety of her home, all she can do is make-believe to feel something close to what she craves. Driven by self-inflicted illusions, she daydreams as a form of escapism while fearing becoming crazy. Once she is cleansed of her mind's constructs, the death of her past self enables her to move on. The pomegranate symbolizes fertility, beauty, power, blood, and death; it also looks like a broken heart when cut apart. I wanted to explore the inner conflicts one might experience during a time of isolation and the discomfort in familiarity.

Erika Ranglova is a Czech/American filmmaker who is receiving her BFA in Filmmaking in Burbank, California. Her story-telling uses strong compelling visuals as a means to communicate empathy and emotion, while the narrative explores relatable states of mind through characters anybody can find a little bit of themselves in. more...

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