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Hanie, a highschool girl tries her best to not to disappoint her parents and her teacher at the poetry competition.

Tehran, Tehran Province, Iran
Seyed Saleh Kashefi Khonsari known simply as Saleh Kashefi (born in Tehran August 1st, 1999) is an Iranian Director, Actor, Screenwriter, Editor and Graphic Designer. He has made more than 10 short films which have been in more than 90 film festivals around the world and have won 25 awards. He began his career as a child actor when he was 9 years old before starting to make films when he was 12 years old. He won an award for best short film in under 15 category in 2013 when he was 13 for a music video he made called “I love life“ in City‘s Moths Film Festival in Iran. He made his first serious fiction short film, “The Three Letter Word“ when he was 17 which was selected in 8 International film festivals and his second short film “Arian Said: I Wanna Play Too“ was selected in 5 International film festivals. His most successful short film is his third made in the same year called “A Pair of Horns on a Female Homo Sapiens“ which was selected in 50 International film festivals and won 13 awards. His fourth short film called “ She Who Wasn‘t Tamed“ has just started its festival run and has been in 26 film festivals and won five awards until now. Since 2009, he has acted in more than ten plays and television films but he has stopped acting since 2016 and focused on directing. He‘s a graduated scholar student at Iranian Youth Cinema Society and a member of FIFF‘s Talent Campus 2019. He was the only artist invited for the Basel House of Film‘s Filmmaker Residency Program and spent three months in Switzerland to work on the script of his first feature film and to make a short film also and he has recently been accepted for the Young Yan Artists Residency in China to spent two months there. He has recently started a Film Distribution Company called Synesthesia Films (synesthesiafilms.com) for student short films around the world and they have a selection of films from China, Germany, Turkey and Iran right now. Right now he has a short documentary and a short fiction in production while having three short projects in post production and also developing his first feature film. more...

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