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Juan and Chris are two young men in their twenties hoping to pull off a small heist. When Chris invites an unknown “friend of a friend” to plan the heist for them, they find themselves stuck in their small apartment with this shady-unknown character. As they wait for their driver to pick them up, the strange man begins to to test the young men to see if they have what it takes for the job.

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David is a Hispanic filmmaker from New Jersey. After graduating from Montclair State University with a business degree in 2021, David left the business field to pursue his passion for film directing. Right before graduation, he won the Count Basie Center Teen + College Film Festival for BEST DIRECTION from his independent short film "The Bet". As a non film major there was no school assistance for his project, yet that never stopped him from competing against thesis films. David continues to direct as an emerging unknown filmmaker, while he is living in a time of history where hatred and lies divide mass audiences, David is committed to connect audiences through filmmaking and humor. more...

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