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This is a story about stillness and loss. I created it because of the very recent loss of my grandmother who raised me and lived with me all my life. She was my mother, grandmother, best friend, and in the last five years of her life, my baby.

LOGLINE: Remembering those you have loved and lost, and the silence left when they begin their next journey.

For more of my work, please go here: https://desireemarisolcarcamo.myportfolio.com
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Desiree is a first-generation Mexican-Salvadoran-American, queer creative and researcher with indigenous heritage, born and raised in vibrant BIPOC communities on unceded and occupied Tongva and Cahuilla land (South Central LA and the Inland Empire). Through their work, they address and work against historical inequalities, especially regarding immigration, native-indigenous-Latinx-communities, women’s issues, intersectionality, and generational trauma. Carcamo approaches and believes that all their work is a medicine for their community. They studied bioengineering at University of California Riverside. Their family's strong, independent women are a constant source of inspiration and support that taught Carcamo to be dedicated, work hard, and 'echarle ganas'. Carcamo’s only goal is to tell real stories for real people. Their creative vision is to carve new spaces for all-kinds of Latinx, indigenous, and Native stories. With no budget, classes, or gear, Carcamo threw themselves head-first with their first short in 2019, becoming a one-person camera-director-editor-writer-producer-crew. They have since produced other shorts, including "Come Out", nominated for Best Actor and Best Cinematography and screened at two IMDB-qualifying online screener festivals. In Fall 2020, Kimberly Guerrero, established Native actress, recommended and trusted them as a university play's assistant director. Their monologue, "Not All Tamales Look the Same" won Nosotros' 'Ya Tu Sabes' Monologue Slam, presented by NBC December 2020. Their short script, "Skinsuit" placed in the top 20% of the 2021 Killer Shorts Contest. Industry executives and producers called them the "next big voice for the next Latinx generation" while being considering them for a writing room. As a filmmaker, Carcamo aims to create slow, emotionally-moving, and captivating independent films that leave no room for attention to fall. They approach filmmaking as visual poetry. Some of their influences include Rashaad Ernesto Green(Premature), Barry Jenkins (Moonlight), Luca Guadanino (Call Me By Your Name), Ari Aster (Midsommar) and Sam Levinson (Euphoria). more...

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