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Throughout production, our goal was to show women in a position we've never seen: a Sith Lord and a Rebellion Pilot. Traditionally, lightsaber duels are between hypermasculine men, we subverted that expectation to represent powerful women in the same light. In fact, we were disqualified from a fan film competition because our actors didn't 'fit the traditional physique of Jedi', further proving the importance of creating a film like Rebel. Rebel is woman-led and was created, directed, produced, and more by women. Both of our directors are queer women who are focused on bringing a new perspective to filmmaking.

I am an FAA-certified drone pilot and international award-winning filmmaker with 8+ years of experience working in film production, specifically video editing. I help create 5+ videos a week for projects such as promotional content for my university and local school district, a Star Wars fan film, a feature-length film, and much more. more...

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