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With nowhere else to turn, a gambling addict with a dangerous debt over his head must train his mother’s obese goat to win the Buccoo Goat Race Festival.

A writer/director from Trinidad and Tobago, Jian's interests lay in telling stories about the complexities of the multicultural Caribbean existence. Be it comedy, drama, even horror, the Caribbean's mixing pot of cultural imports makes it a place like no other in the world, and Jian hopes to share this special fact via his films with viewers from many different walks of life. In 2019, he was awarded the Take One Film Grant by the Trinidad and Tobago government, an initiative that allowed first-time directors an opportunity to produce a feature-length film. This project resulted in Grace & Saleem, a romantic comedy that explored the relationship between a Muslim man and a free-spirited woman over three distinct time periods. more...

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