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Roxana is a mother, a nurse, a PhD student, a researcher, and a recipient of TPS. Above all, she is an American who has lived the majority of her life in the United States, who works for the benefit of her community, and who loves her country. Without TPS, millions of people like her would lose their jobs and their homes, and millions of families across the country would suffer. Watch Roxana's story and stand up for TPS and all immigrants in the United States.

Berkeley, CA, USA
I am an impact driven filmmaker and photographer. I believe in the power of images to tell powerful stories that inspire people, and so I’m always searching for new and creative ways to tell human-focused stories. I strive to build strong relationships with people through collaboration and dedication. I’ve been producing video and photo content for over eight years. As the son of two immigrants, my multi-ethnic background drives my everyday life. I speak five languages, I love traveling, meeting new people from every walk of life, and discovering new foods and places. Every new storytelling project is an opportunity for me to learn someone else’s story and share it with the world, while also learning something new about myself. I currently work at FWD.us as the Multimedia Producer working on immigration and criminal justice reform in the United States. I'm passionate about using my visual storytelling skills to inform voters and legislators of the importance of reform on these two issues that impact the lives of hundreds of millions of people in the United States. As a Multimedia Producer, I'm always looking for new and impactful ways to share stories. more...

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