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A short narrative film centering around Luis, a middle aged Mexican immigrant who wants nothing more than to make his daughter Anarosa's fifteen birthday an amazing one. However without the financial means, the pressure from his loud and large family, and the inability to face the reality that his daughter is growing up, Luis struggles with truly connecting with Anarosa on her quinceanera day. "Princesa" is a film that explores the struggle between assimilation and holding onto culture, the effects of immigration, machismo in Hispanic patriarchal households, and most importantly, a man trying to express his love to his daughter.

New York, NY, USA
Melanie Rosete is a young and passionate filmmaker determined to always make work that is meaningful to her and her audience. She is currently a senior in the Film Conservatory at Purchase College, working towards her BFA in Film. She is also minoring in Psychology. Melanie has always maintained internships/jobs relating to film while in school, including being an editor, director's assistant, teacher's assistant, etc. Melanie's work ranges from important topics covering race, culture, sexuality, and mental health. more...

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