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How do you create an environment that fosters excellence? How you you push your own children and light a fervent fire in them that will drive them to compete at a world-class level?
I grew up in a family of classical musicians, with a stern father who ended up giving up everything to train his children as musicians/soloists. My siblings and I started our instruments at a young age, and would often find ourselves practicing 7, 8 or even 10 hours a day.
Did we have a ‘good’ childhood? I don’t know…
Through these pages I explore how I feel about the way I was raised. Ultimately, I’m looking for an answer to how I might want to raise my own children.
Playing With My Family… because my dad always said you don’t work music, you play it…
Thanks for giving it a read!

Vijay Nazareth
Los Angeles, CA, USA
Loves musicals, creating, an ice cream. Started on YouTube, now with over 1M+ subs and 1B+ views, looking to transition to film/TV.

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