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Young chap Sam has had enough of bullying and his negligent mother; After drinking hallucinogenic strawberry milk, a mythical Pukwudgie leads Sam into a rebellion against those around him through a bit of healthy vandalism and chaos.

Albuquerque, NM, USA
I've never fit in..I've been waiting all my life and the teachers and the peers say the same thing over and over, "you'll find your people...in college! People of similar interest always find each other!" Well, I'm 24, I've got two degrees, and still I don't have a group of friends. I participated in every visual art medium from cartoons, ceramics, theatre, music and yet I still haven't found the place that I felt truly seen and understood. This isolation had me creating solely for myself, and even though I'd get made fun of in college for my films (a male professor told me I was just masturbating), I kept creating (I was obsessed with expressing and processing years of sexual trauma for all to see which I am now quite embarrassed of looking back), but putting myself out there has paid off. I use self deprecation, satire, bright colors, and surrealism to focus on issues that others were afraid of. Even though I don't have "friends" necessarily, complete strangers have admired my work and confide their feelings to me. I can make people laugh and smile over crude or taboo subjects, and finally connecting to people with my art began to fulfill me spiritually, knowing I was not alone in these feelings and being able to help them too! I now find myself looking for the next step in my career, an environment where I can properly grow, be critiqued, and be inspired. Creating my film "Part of a Balanced Breakfast" is the first time I've directed and worked with professionals in film unions and other youngsters such as myself (and the first "family friendly" product hehehe), it confirmed my ambitions as a director and that I can connect to others through story and collaboration. more...

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