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Overgrown is based on my own experiences with autism and PTSD. More importantly, it's about the healing I found through connection with other women in my life, women who love me without expecting me to change. Representation of autism and mental illness in media are often inaccurate or simplified; as someone who loves fairy tales, I wanted to create a fairy tale with a hero who genuinely looks and behaves like I do in the world. Further, due to COVID-19, I thought it was more important than ever to celebrate the magic we're all capable of creating through human connection.

Tuscaloosa, AL, USA
Armed with an insatiable passion for creative expression, I am a current senior seeking opportunities in film production. I am primarily a director and editor, but I have more than five years’ experience in all areas of production: including lights, camera, sound, pre-production, and scriptwriting. My background is in poetry, and as a result, I aspire to bring a high level of artistry to everything I do. Longterm goals include creative development for animation, indie film directing, and weird experimentation. more...

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