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Orange Over Blue serves to tell the healing story of a young woman named Olivia, who recovers from paralyzing thoughts and histories. This piece aims to address oppression, race, and reclamation through camera angles, cinematic detail, and the locations the story was filmed in. Olivia commands respect and sits powerfully in the center of the John Carter Brown Library in Providence, Rhode Island; this space holds numerous records of enslaved people who were denied the right to freedom and independence. Orange Over Blue seeks to tell a story of Black female empowerment the healing that comes with it.

Paralyzed by the weight of her nightmares and tormented by an unforeseen visitor, Orange Over Blue follows Olivia through an episode of sleep paralysis, as she rises above her own hauntings both tangible and intangible. Over time she comes to understand her darkest nightmares, her life, and the path of resilience.

Chicago, IL, USA
Lauren Milan Rausaw is a Chicago-based filmmaker and animator studying at the Rhode Island School of Design. Born and raised in Atlanta, she got her start working on film sets. Since then, Rausaw has begun directing her own films, including Orange Over Blue, in addition to working on sets as an Assistant Director, Camera Assistant, Gaffer and more. Rausaw was recently awarded the Kira Murphy Fischer Award for creativity and academic excellence at RISD. Lauren's love for storytelling drives her to create playful yet evocative works through film, animation, and sound design.  more...

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