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I have been a working actress in film and TV for 16 years- which means I've quit, questioned and quarantined myself many many times in my life. As the weeping clears, on one such aforementioned occasion, I am always brought back to this one simple truth. No one forces me to follow my dreams, I make that choice every day. If you don't like how your life looks- change it.

This can be hard to do, especially when there's no evidence anything will change for the better. One problem in our society is interesting roles for women dry up when you hit your late 20's. Why is this important? Because Hollywood is our primary myth maker and propel stories into the ether that culture assimilates into. When there's nothing available for women starting in their 30's but wife and mom roles we have a problem.

That's why I wrote a feature, and this short, entitled 'Nice Trick'. It is about a struggling actress reading all the wrong signs, until she meets a magician who tricks her into finding her own magic again.

As an actress I've starred in shows such as AMC's 'The Walking Dead' and TNT's 'Dallas' as well as the movie franchise 'Final Destination 5'.

As a director my first short 'Scratch' won Best Short at the Women in Horror Film Festival and my latest 'Between the Pines' won Best Short at the Chelsea Film Festival and Female Filmmakers Fuse.

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