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This script came out of decades witnessing repression of science firsthand. Actually missions to deep space all lead to certain death of males after 100 days per latest peer reviewed science studies.

In press see Interesting but does not reach masses.

Somehow this message needs to become popular and part of culture. This is objective to reach masses and as they absorb storyline some truths of repression being done become part of their principles.

This dramatic script based on true events and 100% true science of what would really happen to 3 interacting couples chosen, on mission to Mars, results of such a voyage and motives driving such a voyage. It also gives snap-shop futuristic vision , into next 300 years and ourselves. Its a fun page turner full of subplots, twists and turns. It even incorporates a new optical set trick to allow actors and even a dog freely act and move all around inside the movie set of the rotating spacecraft. Like in “2001” but more freedom. (For medical reasons its necessary on long space voyages to create gravity like acceleration )

Photo merge of ESA, Princess Elizabeth and Perlan and images to give simulated movie poster.

They call it the space gene, and only a few women have it. This is her story, the NASA engineer that discovered her and the first tragic mission to Mars, which changed the course of humanity.

Enjoy this epic, support science, comments welcome.

Good day

Ps music is not supposed to be explicit called out in script, but here is envisioned music

Intro Evanescence “My last breath”

2 Allan Parsons “Games People Play“
And 11

12 inca Carnaval Huamahuaqueno

19 cntr rm Allan Parsons “Eye in Sky”

21 pov Scary forbidding music.

23 bar Adele “Set Fire to the Rain”

24 train lively inca music

33 Fleetwood Mac “The Chain”

34 lab Cris Cab “Liar Liar”

38 nasa Peter Schilling “Major Tom”

46 orbit Alan Parsons “Eye in Sky”

54 flshbk Fleetwood Mac

71 pov E Fleetwood Mac “The chain”

74 half karaoke Fleetwood Mac.

79 clseup Allen Parsons “Breakdown”

100 landlab Phil Collins edge of night

121 safety room Zedd “Stay”

133 night Allan Parson “Time”.

134 pov Casting Crowns “O Come, O Come, Emmanuel” background.

141 , crying now. She climbs to safe room in center. Music like Evanescence -

142 safety hold like My last Breath

142 future Music like Styx “Mr. Roboto” or Europe “Final Countdown”.

Patrick Grant
San Jose, CA, USA
This is second quality career. Been heavily involved with engineering and science behind both climate and destruction of our species military wise. I designed GoreSat camera sensor and another instrument behind several key infrared channels used on all latest weather satellites. Those days are over, but not without being a well connected Forest Gump from Bush Sr to Trump. Well, as an old sage, hopefully able to create quality science fact based fiction scripts like in 60s, OR INSPIRE A NEW GENERATION OF WRITERS INTO NEWS NON-FANTASY THOUGHT PROMOTING SCI-FI MOVIES. Another writer suggested JUST DO IT. Well I clearly have lots of nuances to learn. Spent 2 months on the Share your work site without one comment. Anyway times a wasting and if anyone can produce a better script and keep the theme (open science based society) i do what i can do to support them. Read my script, there lot to it and carefully based on historical events, current suppression of science techniques, and best science on what really would happen attempting to go to Mars. Its a very human story of 3 couples. Im biased, but its very likely landmark script, Kubrick would appreciate. If anyone interested taking this script to major release film, I most happily support. Other link is random historical notes past several decades seeing inside the obstruction of science.

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