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Almost 60 years after Indonesian government enforced Chinese-Indonesian to “Indonesianise” their Chinese names, 87 year-old Indriati is still haunted by the meaning of her past name in the form of a silver bird.

Andrea Suwito is an Indonesian independent documentary filmmaker. She graduated from Architecture school, then worked at VICE Indonesia where she helped produce immersive documentary series about the weird, wild, and wonderful cultures that make up modern Indonesia. She attended USC School of Cinematic Arts for MFA in Film and Television and was the recipient of the Harold Lloyd Memorial Fund Scholarship and Irvin Kershner Fund for Documentary Filmmaking Scholarship. In 2020 she was selected as a participant at Docs By the Sea, the biggest documentary pitching forum in Southeast Asia, for her debut feature documentary A Distant Call. Her films focus on character-driven narratives especially on underrepresented communities. She is also working on films around Chinese-Indonesians, a topic still taboo and often misrepresented in the history of Indonesia. Aside from making films, she enjoys skateboarding (and falling a lot) and playing tetris. more...

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