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An Italian-American chef goes above and beyond to make an exquisite meal.

Boston, MA, USA
Based in the NJ / NYC Area. Daniele Sestito is a director, screenwriter, and photographer based in the NYC / NJ area. He has been honing his craft for over 8 years and is a graduate of Emerson College, where he earned his BFA in Film Production. As a director, Daniele has created a number of short films and videos. This year, he’s set to release his biggest film yet, "Off The Menu" — a half-hour dramedy. As a screenwriter, he is currently working on a number of short films, each involving a unique genre and subject matter. Daniele also continues to work as a gaffer, cinematographer, and producer on professional productions, which allow him to appreciate the art of filmmaking on numerous levels. As the son of two Italian immigrants, Daniele is very passionate about his craft and the vast cinematic tools at at the disposal of every filmmaker. He creates under the belief that every element and rhythm within a film plays a crucial role in telling its greater story. As of now, his life’s work is to make films that resonate as much as they entertain, allowing viewers to appreciate the unexpected poetry and thrill of life. more...

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