Producers on a feature film are a part of the journey from start to finish. In this three-hour Master Class, Instructor Simon TaufiQue (Imperium, The Interpreters) and Panelists Anja Marquart (She’s Lost Control, The Girlfriend Experience) and Mark Steele (Howl, It’s Me, Hilary: The Man Who Drew Eloise) break down the independent producer’s role when the cameras stop rolling and the journey continues through Post-Production.


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Topics covered include:

    00:00 - Introduction from Sundance Co//ab and Simon TaufiQue

    8:00 - Defining Post-Production with Simon TaufiQue

    13:00 - Producing in Post-Production with Simon TaufiQue and Anja Marquardt

    32:00 - Finding the Creative Result with Your Collaborators

    39:00 - Q&A with Anja Marquardt

    54:00 - Post Process and Workflow with Simon TaufiQue

    1:11 - Working with a Post-Production Supervisor with Simon TaufiQue and Mark Steele

    1:40 - Communicating with Your Team

    1:55 - Q&A with Mark Steele

    2:14 - Post Partners, Roles, and Responsibilities with Simon TaufiQue

    2:38 - Best Practices and Tips for Working with Your Post Team

    2:56 - Closing Remarks

Simon TaufiQue is a British Indian, Emmy-nominated producer based in NYC. He is known for his work on The Interpreters (PBS), Imperium (Lionsgate/Universal), and Berlinale- winner, She's Lost Control. more...
Anja Marquardt is a film and television writer/director with a focus on global stories. Born and raised in Berlin when it was still a divided city, she has also lived in Spain, France, and New York City. She is currently wrapping season 3 of the anthology series THE GIRLFRIEND EXPERIENCE for Starz, executive produced by Steven Soderbergh. more...
Mark Steele is an industry multi-hyphenate with a successful track record in post-production, production, and business affairs. He has been the post-production supervisor on many documentary and narrative films. Mark's Sundance Film Festival titles include: CUTIE AND THE BOXER, SEMBENE!, HOWL, THE CONVINCER, BLAST BEAT!, BUCK, MY PERESTROIKA, and IT'S ME, HILARY: THE MAN WHO DREW ELOISE. more...

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