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An exploration of the various traumas of circumcision, military service and hypermasculinity in the United States, Israel, and Greece, and it's long term effects on the male body.

New York, NY, USA
Aidan Kaye is a New York City-based editor, photographer, and experimental videographer. Graduating with a BFA in Film from SUNY Purchase in 2020, he has worked on several award-winning documentaries, including Alex Gibney’s Steve Jobs: "The Man in the Machine", "Mr. Dynamite: The Rise Fall of James Brown". In 2019, he won an award for best experimental film at the SUNY Wide Film Festival and best student film at Peekskill Film Festival for his film "Read @12:35AM". While freelancing in several creative industries, and partaking in group gallery showcases and screenings, he continues to make films and work that deals with themes of youth, fatherhood, and technology. more...

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