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A couple seek a new companion for their dog, Charlie, whilst harbouring a dark secret.

Los Angeles, CA, USA
Conor O’Callaghan is an Irish-American who often wonders if anybody knows when he’s joking. They usually don’t. Born in Northern California, Conor ended up in Los Angeles at age 7. He spent many long summers in Ireland, alway feeling more at home there. It was in Ireland - a country with a strong oral tradition - that he discovered his love for storytelling. This propelled Conor to the Loyola Marymount University School of Film and Television (BFA ’15). He began his professional career at the Creative Artists Agency, working first in the mailroom and then the television literary department. He briefly considered being an agent, but upon self-evaluation found that he does, in fact, have a soul. Next, Conor was lucky enough to work for the greatest man he has ever known - Steve Golin, founder and CEO of Anonymous Content. He spent a year and a half as his assistant, and learned more about not only filmmaking, but life, love, and what it means to be a good person, than he did in the rest of his life combined. In an attempt to reconcile a bleak world full of loss, grief, and pandemic viruses, Conor pours himself into the written word and hopes to explore the way we process those feelings. Most recently, Conor wrote and directed MAN’S BEST FRIEND, a short film produced for the Village Roadshow / Loyola Marymount University Incubator Lab, which stars Kevin Zegers and Megan West. He is not a vegan. more...

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