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Sonny, handcuffed to a runaway government asset named Zeek, is forced to help his friend Reese get Zeek out of the clutches of the ORG. They stop by Motel Pines to get help from the mysterious Mr. Baker.

MOTEL PINES is an excerpt scene from a feature Sci-Fi/Adventure Comedy screenplay I am developing inspired by a deeply personal story of becoming foster parents for the first time. My hope for this scene is to capture a glimpse of the comedy style and visual tone of the film.

E'an Verdugo
Dallas, TX, USA
I am a Writer/Director that works locally in Dallas. I graduated from the University of North Texas with a BA in Radio, Television and FIlm. I have produced and directed several low budget short films that have entered into several local film festivals. My hope is to be able to write and director feature films and continue to grow in this craft. I have a personal goal of finishing my first feature screenplay by the end of this year while still working on short films.

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