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One of the oldest American love affairs is the one with its own past. We like to think the old days were superior to our own troubled time. When we think of the immediate postwar period, we think of men in suits and jazz music and people who had "class" in spades. What we envision is a world that wasn't ever real, like when we are blinded to our partners' faults.

What happens when the illusion is shattered? You'll find some things that aren't so nice. Reality is often the antithesis of romantic notions.

Step into a night club in 1947 Los Angeles and see what the past has in store for you.

Winston Bribach
San Antonio, TX, USA
I fell in love with movies when I was eight, watching countless hours of TCM. Over the years, I developed a love for writing. Four years at UCLA, where I took every film and creative writing class I could, fostered my talent and work ethic to the point where I have been able to complete numerous short stories (two of which are published) and a handful of screenplays. Now, I am in the English Ph.D. program at Texas A&M University, using the time to read more and write more so I can grow as an artist.

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