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Lorelei, lives in an emotionally abusive environment. She fears that she’ll never be able to leave this toxic environment. So, she figures killing her family is her only way out. After she kills her family. Lorelei realizes how much she loves killing. And that, this should be her new lifestyle.

I’ve also described this story as a “coming-of-age of a serial killer.”

I’m still not sure how to describe this project. I would love some help on that too!

Also, this draft is completely different compared to the first draft I submitted here. I was told that it might be more “exciting” to focus more on Lorelei’s backstory. So that’s what I did on this version.

Radioactive Flesh
San Marcos, TX, USA
I'm an aspiring filmmaker/writer based in central Texas. Not only do I aspire to work on film. I also do artwork such as painting and drawing.

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