About this submission

This short film is based on a memory of my childhood, a game my mom used to make me play while waiting for my dad at the airport. I wanted to tell this story from the child’s point of view to express both her innocence and her concern, and show the mother’s astonishment and collapse in a subtle way. I was very inspired by the work of a French director I admire, Jacques Tati.

I am a cinematographer from Paris, member of the ICFC. I discovered film sets as an actress in feature films. Those experiences have shaped my sensibility and gifted me with an ability to build unique relationships with actors, especially when shooting handheld. I then studied cinematography at the Louis-Lumiere National Film School in Paris, and developed my skills working at Panavision in New-York and being a camera assistant to cinematographers I admire. I now split my time between Paris and New-York, mostly working on fiction films, jumping on every opportunity to travel and meet new collaborators and creative universes. more...

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