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When I was thirteen I fell off a cliff not knowing then that that moment would change my life forever. From that experience I developed PTSD and anxiety which flipped my childhood upside down. Dropping out of school and going to countless therapists, prescriptions, locking myself in my room, giving up on life, and putting myself into a very dark place.

It truly was a terrifying experience that I still deal with today. I wanted to create a short film of what that all felt like what it feels like to go through an anxiety attack because many people suffer from anxiety and feel that there is no escape.

I wanted to give up going through this hundreds of times and something I wish never happened when I was younger grew to something I am so thankful that I have experienced.

My anxiety has made me who I am, it has pushed me to live my life to the fullest and not to fear the unknown. I am thankful because it has made me more compassionate and understanding as a person but most of all not to sit back and take life for granted. I keep working to improve myself each and everyday.

I still deal with my anxiety and still suffer from its consequences but would not change anything that I have been through.

This is my first short film that I have created and have learned so much from this experience and can't wait to create more. I hope you enjoy the video and take from it whatever you feel resonates with you.

Austen Paul: Writer, Director, DP, Editor
Nick Brugioni: Assistant Director
Kendall Gaumann: Production Manager
Ben Nielsen: Production Assistant

Nick McCollum: Older Austen
Ryan Lansdowne: Younger Austen

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