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Fresh out of college and starting a new job, 22-year-old Jenna works hard to juggle living her life in California with staying close to far away family in Taiwan. However, when her mother suddenly has a heart attack back home, Jenna is forced to make sacrifices in each of her two worlds.

San Francisco, CA, USA
Matt (he/him/they/them) is a mixed-race Asian-American filmmaker who has produced documentary and narrative content for over thirteen years. In 4th grade, he used his first Handycam as part of a book project for Kris Schwengel’s class, and has continued to make movies ever since. At Stanford University, he is studying Film and Computer Science with a Virtual Reality focus in order to understand the intersection of these disciplines. He hopes to empower other filmmakers to tell their stories more creatively through the tools of technology. In his free time, Matt loves to blow glass, paint Bob Ross murals, try out new recipes (and eat them), and read Murakami novels. more...

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