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Susan's day to day life consist of cleaning and watching over a building that is owned by her Tío, Manuel. They share a strong bond and Susan will do anything to protect him; even willing to cover up the secret that hides in the basement.

New York, NY, USA
I am a New York City based filmmaker who has been making films since High School. Being Puerto Rican and Ecuadorian most of my films are stories revolving around Latino characters. This strengthens me as a story teller because I am able to express myself with the world and community I understand. This is also important tp me because of the obvious lack of representation. I enjoy making high tension films. Growing up in the city, it always felt as if a ticking time bomb was following me. I translate this anxiety into my films. I try to create an experience where the audience feels a sense of stress that anything can happen in any minute. My approach to filmmaking is very gorilla style. You can find me on the streets of New York filming wherever I am able to sneak a camera in. I enjoy planning, but I also enjoy giving room for improvisation because I have a passion for running around with a camera. more...

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