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Humans and AI must wrestle loyalties against their values to
save the crew from a mysterious disease overcoming the first
manned mission to Mars.

Retired NASA. Inspired by actual events and history. Developing passion for script writing. Hoping to exchange and develop a truly entertaining story of human misdirection. Another project perhaps a historical fiction from time of De Soto to trail of tears peoples of East Tennessee. But all of this pointless without other writers to exchange with and learn this craft. Really need good and bad feedback. Do not be afraid to tell me what is fuzzy, crap and hopefully good. This story explores the mind, how we respond and interact with those with Austism, Aspergers and Alzeimers. Interingly current research of these are deeply tied with AI. Written in style of a "Film a Kle". Working to expand into a novel back to 1930's. contact me at pat94087 (somewhere at) gmail. more...

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