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An absurd comedy about Mel, a young woman with severe OCD, trying to do something new with her day. A bright, structured world surrounds her, making her and her disorder the chaotic outlier barely able to get by.

Most people think that OCD is just about being clean or organized, but that's not always the case (I don't own a broom). It can take over your life to where you can barely move an inch. Living in a world where saying "Hey!" instead of "Hello!" can cause your dog to die is a tough pill to swallow (but pills do help!). There's an absurd hilarity to life when small decisions are life or death, including if your dressing will be on the side.

Camille Wormser
Writer director and deeply confused woman (and UCLA grad!), I've known I wanted to make comedies since I was in the second grade when I wrote a skit that made my family laugh of my divorcing parents fighting over child custody. I have always loved implementing improv in my projects, making people smile through difficult subjects, and telling stories of feeling alone in the world while overthinking about what the word 'alone' even means. I want to change the way we discuss mental health, as the stigma and lack of awareness can cause people to feel more misunderstood, and I personally feel that there is humor in what can be the most challenging part of yourself. I also want to brag about the fact that my cat's name is Lentil.

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