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LOGLINE: After Taylor is told he must drive himself to his father's birthday party, he has to fight to overcome his fear of driving. More specifically, his personified O.C.D known as Owen.

Just Drive, like all of my other work, comes from a deeply personal experience. Just one year ago I was diagnosed with Obsessive Compulsive Disorder and I wanted to take the opportunity to write (and produce) a short covering the topic. In media, O.C.D is typically portrayed as a "quirk" or someone who is extremely "orderly" but the reality is, this mental illness can be utterly crippling to the sufferer and prevent them from being able to do the most basic activities and can ruin relationships.

I wanted to address the topic in a light hearted way without taking away from the weightiness of the disorder by balancing absurd humor with a real life mental illness. All of the "day dream" sequences are based on real fears that sufferers of O.C.D can or have experienced.

I hope that this is both entertaining and enlightening for those who do not fully understand O.C.D.

References for writing this piece were LIVING WITH YOURSELF, DROP DEAD FRED & RUBY SPARKS. All Very different, but they were each influential.

POSTER: Original artwork created by Matt Black:

E'an Verdugo
Dallas, TX, USA
I am a Writer/Director that works locally in Dallas. I graduated from the University of North Texas with a BA in Radio, Television and FIlm. I have produced and directed several low budget short films that have entered into several local film festivals. My hope is to be able to write and director feature films and continue to grow in this craft. I have a personal goal of finishing my first feature screenplay by the end of this year while still working on short films.

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