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I am an actor, playwright, director, and educator. I ran my own theatre company for 15 years in Philadelphia where we produced mostly original work. Some of the work was based on literature by Flannery O'Connor, Mary Wilkins Freeman and Dylan Thomas, among others. I created and ran the Barrymore Award-winning outreach program, Of Mythic Proportions for high school students in the inner city. I was the lead singer for the original alt-rock band, Edgar Allen & The Poettes. I have just written my first full-length play, Living Room, which is in development currently. Recent tv credits include the HBO series Mare of Easttown and the webseries Certifiable. In addition to this, I enjoy teaching theatre and acting to college students at Penn State Abington, and using Theatre of the Oppressed to explore issues such as racism and gender inequality. I love improvisation, not just for performing, but for exploring quality at the end of life with various populations in my community.

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