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On Christmas Eve, Elena and Athi, two patients committed to a corrupt asylum, plot their great escape to the beach for Christmas. Elena, fearing the wrath of the sadistic Matron Viljoen, is hesitant to go, while Athi is hell-bent on leaving. After suffering a near-death experience, Elena realizes that life can be better than what she has now, and changes her mind. As the two make their preparations to flee, they encounter an unexpected obstacle.

Port Elizabeth, South Africa
I am an aspiring screenwriter and film director from South Africa. I recently graduated from AFDA Port Elizabeth with a Bachelor of Arts in Motion Picture Medium. My disciplines were writing and directing in this field of study. My graduate film, which I wrote and directed, won best film and I myself was awarded Screenwriter of The Year in 3rd Year at my campus's award ceremony. I am currently pursuing my Bachelor of Arts Honours in Motion Picture Medium. I am hoping to become professional screenwriter and film director one day more...

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