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An embattled businesswoman, hounded by creditors led by a ruthless investor gets a chance at a new life when she is presumed dead. This seems to be a great idea, except that she has to uphold this lie and risk losing the man she is about to marry if she is to survive and fight another day and recover her business.
I have written two short films, Another Beautiful day which has been screened at the Durban International Film Festival this past July and Ten O'clock which is beginning its festival run.

Nairobi, Kenya
Samuel Tebandeke is an emerging screenwriter, actor, script editor and producer. Alumnus of the MNET Screenwriters workshop (2009) and Maisha Film Lab (2008 & 2009), Samuel has gone on to write for TV and film. Two of his feature films have been optioned and Kahawa Black is his 3rd film to develop. His debut short film, Another Beautiful Day was released in mid 2017 and is in the official selection of the 40th Durban International Film Festival 2019. He recently finished post-production on his directorial debut on Ten O’clock, a short film that premiered in April 2019 and has been selected to screen at the Shorts, Shorts and Shots showcase in Nairobi, Kenya. The film was in competition for the Young African Film Makers Award at the Afrika Filmfestival in Leuven, Belgium. His desire is to contribute his voice to the growing body of African cinematic work that reaches audiences all over the African continent and abroad. more...

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