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Once Upon A Time, there was a boy and a girl with distinct differences, from the way they look, the way they dressed, their interests, and personality. One was a cool kid on the block, while one was a hot potato getting tossed around and dropped because no one wants to end up with it. One was relatable and loved by all, while the other was long forgotten even by their own family. Who was the lonely, castaway soul? Theresa Long. Her counterpart? Chris Gordon. Oddly enough, it will be these differences that will forge their lifelong bond.

“Him & Her” tells the story of a rekindled friend-mance. This series will cover themes of Loneliness, Betrayal, Forgiveness, Trust, Suicide, Bullying, Alcoholism, but most importantly, Friendship.

Claudia McCoy
New York, NY, USA
I am an actress and writer from NYC!

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