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Hallowed Ground is a short documentary about two Rochester student orators, Tian Stephens and Anastajia Charley, learning the words of Frederick Douglass as they navigate issues of racism that shaped Douglass's life and work. The story is told through the students’ participation in a national oratorical contest while exploring their different educational experience. Seeing today’s students giving voice to yesterday’s words draws attention to how the contemporary United States is still engaging many of the same issues Douglass was fighting against.

Rochester, NY, USA
Catherine Rafferty is a visual storyteller who will be graduating in May with BFA in Photojournalism from Rochester Institute of Technology. She spent the last year researching and producing a film on the legacy of Frederick Douglass through the eyes of two student orators in Rochester, NY. She will be joining the staff of The Arizona Republic in Phoenix, AZ as a Pulliam Fellow in their visual team during the summer of 2020 following her graduation. She has previously worked with the Albany Times Union in Albany, NY and The Sanctuary for Independent Media in Troy, NY where she produced the Roots for Resilience Solo Exhibition. Her long term goal is to direct a feature-length documentary. more...

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