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When a brilliant cyber analyst unearths a wealthy psychopath's heinous scheme she must trust her very survival to the deadly assassin who's sent to silence her.

Other Description:
HARDWIRED is a thought-provoking techno thriller touching on resonant themes of bioterrorism, cyber crimes, social upheaval, and pandemic politics. Its emotional side tells the story of two lost siblings who unexpectedly reconnect after a lifetime apart.

Present stage of this work: Nearly final version

Verdi, NV 89439, USA
Feature script writing is Gord’s thing. Favorite genres include character-driven thrillers and historical fiction. Of course, he hopes to see his work on the Silver Screen some day. His latest (fourth) “nearly final” project, HARDWIRED, is undergoing edits before being sent out for coverage. Log: When mistakenly given a file outlining a wealthy psychopath's heinous scheme, Gwen must trust her very survival to the deadly assassin who's sent to retrieve it. In what he labels his “other life” Gordie published hundreds of scripts where the title to each includes the word, “versus.” These short masterpieces detail true accounts into the struggles between right and wrong, of “little guy” against Goliath, of innocence pitted against unfairness. All are available for free viewing in the annals of many a federal and state courthouse, in “legal brief” format. His long legal career includes defending against unreasonable restrictions to our free press, litigating for the well-being of America’s wild horses and he was one of 17 nominated for the coveted “Trial Lawyer of the Year” by the Public Justice Foundation, in Washington, D.C. (No, he did not take home the Oscar that evening.) more...

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