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Comedy and animation writer here with writing room experience and spec scripts galore!

This is a snippet from a feature film script. Derrick Waters is a stand up comedian working on the next chapter of his career. After meeting an agent at a top Hollywood agency and being introduced to the head of a network he's on his way to becoming the next Dave Chapelle. With his stage name the Comedy Casanova, Derrick uses his wild dating experiences as a part of his routine. Derrick has the chance to get his own development deal, if he's able to please the head of the network who happens to be an older beautiful demanding woman named Lydia. But before Derrick "seals the deal" he runs into a fortune teller who curses him in order to get him to see the error of his ways with women. She takes away his ability to perform in the bedroom and now that the head of the network wants his body, a major family secret might be revealed, and the girl of his dreams is slipping away; Derrick works to get rid of the curse and discovers another side of love beyond what's between the sheets.

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