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God Is Schizophrenic is about how technically God is schizophrenic, since after all, God Imagines all things into reality, and schizophrenics are told that their entire reality, everything they see, feel, and do, is only imagined by them, which means God is schizophrenic and Schizophrenics are God. We follow the true life story of one such schizophrenic, who upon hearing her diagnosis slowly realized that God too is schizophrenic, and there in lies the question, if she is imagining everything around her, is she God? This film is part documentary, part comedy, part drama, all interactive. Songs and film clips will be used if put to production which show idiosyncrasies between the music and film clips and the schizophrenic's life throughout the years, which defy the laws of physics, and make us question our own reality. All we all imaginary friends of God the schizophrenic?

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