Get the most out of Sundance Collab

1. Set up your public profile

Log in to your account, click on your initials or profile picture in the upper right of your screen and select “Profile.” Fill out your profile with the information you'd like to share with the community. Don’t forget to click the box at the bottom that says "Make My Profile Public" before you save.


- People engage more with profiles that have pictures.

- If you don’t have a personal website, creating a Sundance Collab profile is a great way to strengthen your online presence.

- Your email address will not be shared publicly. If you would like it to be visible, add it to the “links” section.

2. Register for events

By creating an account at Sundance Collab, you receive access to register for our live online events , like Spotlight, Advisors Studio and Writers’ Cafe. If you’ve missed an event, watch the recording in our Video Library by becoming a Collaborator or All Access member.

Master Class recordings are only available to Creator+ members.

3. Apply for a course

Check out our courses in screenwriting, directing, producing, documentary and career and business strategies.


- Courses may fill up quickly. The sooner you apply, the higher your chances of being accepted.

- Be thoughtful about your application. What is your project about? What are your goals? How will this course help you move forward? A thorough and clear application will help you stand out.

- If the course you’re interested in isn’t currently accepting applications, add your name to our notification list on each course page to be the first to know when applications open.

4. Explore our Resources and Grants & Opportunities

Explore our Resources section for articles, podcasts, worksheets and toolkits to help you move your project forward. Our Grants & Opportunities directory curates film and media grants, labs, contests and fellowships weekly.

5. Sign up for our newsletter

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6. Upgrade your experience

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