About this submission

Inspired by the format of a fugue, this piece is a multilingual meditation on movement and stillness, freedom and containment, isolation and intimacy, time and memory, and all of the unmoored, cyclical strangeness of the last year. Simultaneously a poem, film, and visual essay of sorts, this piece reflects not only my own interdisciplinary practice as an artist, writer, and linguist, but also the multilingual and multicultural nature of Luxembourg, the country in which I currently study and live.

I am an interdisciplinary artist, writer, educator, and linguist from Charlottesville, VA. My work roams the borderlands between genres, cultures, mediums, and ways of interpreting the world, which may explain why I'm currently earning my masters degree in multilingualism and multiculturalism at the University of Luxembourg. In 2018, I graduated from the University of Southern California with degrees in Film Production and Spanish. When not watching, writing about, or making films, you can find me teaching myself a new language, browsing the poetry section of a bookstore, or wandering the hiking trails of Virginia's Blue Ridge Mountains. more...

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